I live in Melbourne and have done since 1964, when I moved here from Sydney. I write about anything and everything, but gardens mostly. I am presently working on a book about the gardens I have made and tended over the past fifty years, something I am enjoying as it brings back sweet memories of hopeful endeavours and lovely places and people. I also work as an editor and run writing classes, which means I fuss terribly about commas and semicolons and endlessly rework sentences (this one seven times, according to the remote part of my computer that keeps track of these things).

I like to visit open gardens and flower shows, where I probably show my age by pointing with my little finger, taking copious notes and discussing what is on show at length with anyone who will listen;  but then I do find gardeners are friendly people and always good for a chat. I read a lot, mostly nonfiction, and argue with myself when in a bookshop over whether or not I really need this lovely book in my hand, and if so, where is there a space on the bookshelves for it.

I love sailing and absolutely agree with Water Rat in The Wind in the Willows that there is ‘nothing—absolutely nothing—half so much worth as messing about in boats’ ( though messing about in a garden too has much worth). I  have been making my way for a second time through Patrick O’Brian’s glorious Master & Commander series; to some extent his stories satisfy my hankering for the sea (I grew up close to the sea in Sydney) and keep me going until I can get to Adelaide each year, where I sail with my son on his grand old Swanson 42 and prove my cooking skills by producing a meal at an angle of 45 degrees.


I hope you enjoy my blog and that you find it helpful if you are a keen gardener. As for cooking at a 45-degree angle, the best advice I can offer is to strap yourself in and go with the roll, and don’t look at the horizon.

2 thoughts on “About

    1. Dear Jen,
      I have just read your message on my garden blog. Thank you for your interest, it is greatly valued, especially as it is early days and I really have no idea who I am talking to! It’s nice to be able to put a name to a reader, and to know the reader is a local and reads the wonderful Newlands News blog.

      I started my blog two years ago but have posted only a couple of times, as you can probably see. I intend to write regularly from now on as I have almost finished the book I am writing about the three significant gardens I have made in my lifetime and my editor says I must keep up the blog.

      Good to know you are a keen gardener, in which case I hope you will always find what I write helpful and informative. And that your garden is thriving, of course.

      Thank you, again,

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